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The knock sensor in a Nissan Xterra performs a critical task. It “listens” to your engine, to ensure that the right engine to fire. If too much fuel into the engine, the compression is quite high and the timing of the spark plug is not precise enough, the pistons in the engine literally against the wall of the cylinder Bang. This is known as hitting, and it can quickly become a catastrophic failure of an engine in the Xterra. If the knock sensor fails, the Xterra will find you, try a marked decrease in fuel consumption the engine ignition delay enough so that the engine “runs rich” (a lot of fuel burned). This ensures that the engine does not suffer from palpitations, but it also hampers the fuel consumption and engine performance.


  1. Remove the screws of the knock sensor. The knock sensor is behind the intake manifold to the engine mounted near the firewall. This is the most difficult to change the sensor, as it is to achieve a difficult situation. The sensor looks like a small donut-shaped device with a rubber tip and an electrical connector from one side of the sensor.
  2. Remove the cap by pulling it out of the probe and remove the sensor from the engine compartment.
  3. Insert the new sensor into the wiring harness factory. Make sure you plug the sensor in the front screw. When the first sensor bolt and try accidental fall of the sensor, it is probably damaged and unusable.
  4. Align the mounting hole in the center of the sensor with the mounting hole on the engine. Bolt the sensor to the engine and remove up to 20 lb-ft Maximum (“lb-ft” refers to the “rigor” of the cylinder head and measure the force of one pound acting at a distance of one foot perpendicular to a point of rotation). Since you can not really have a torque wrench is for accurate measurement of torque, 20 lb-ft. is only slightly tighter than hand tight. Do not over tighten you risk of damage the knock sensor there.

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