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Mazda 6What makes change a parking light on a Mazda 6 is so difficult that there is so little space to work in. It is a difficult area to come and work by the good news, however, is it is quite possible is to change the parking light in your Mazda 6 and the only cost you a little of your time and cost of lamp replacement.

How a Mazda 6 replacement parking lights

  1. Open the hood. Locate the back of the headlight assembly.
  2. Locate the small plastic cover on the headlight assembly. It is a small oval black cover with a tab at the top.
  3. Press the tab, and at the same time, pull the cover on the rear of the vehicle. You can use your screwdriver to remove the lid, but be careful tab is made ??of plastic and can break.
  4. Locate the parking light assembly in the upper right corner of the recess. You can use pliers to grasp and gently shake the assembly to go drag it comes himself. Do not touch the son – caught the edge of the plastic frame for the son.
  5. Pull the bulb straight from the socket and press it into the lamp. Turn on your parking lights to see if the lamp works.
  6. Replace all parking light by dragging it up with your fingers. Place the plastic cover by inserting the lower edge of the cover and then snap back up into place. Close the hood and you’re done.


  • Some people like to disconnect the battery before working on the parking lights – if you choose, be sure to test your battery light finish to reinstall.

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