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Specifications for Skidder JD 640DJD 640D Skidder a type of heavy vehicle to be used to drag felled trees in logging areas. According to the skidder, they are equipped with either cable or hook. The JD 640 is a cable skidder. Cable Skidders evacuate the newspapers with cable winches controlled. Hoists are mechanical devices are used in the cable from the wind and wind-out.

The essential functions
Essential elements of JD 640D Skidder include a 90 kilowatts John Deere turbo-direction the position of automotive type reactive articulated steering and front axle oscillating. They also include a gear, a hydraulic winch, enclosed wet disc breaks to self-adjusting and hydraulic differential locks front and rear axle. Optional components include a blade and a blade stacking trail construction.

The engine of the JD 640D Skidder is a 4-stroke, turbo-diesel engine. Features include six cylinders, a displacement of 414 cubic centimeters, a maximum torque of 358 net lb-ft at 1300 rpm, compression ratio 16.8 to 1, a fan, pressure lubrication system with full flow filter Dry air filter, a 12 volt alternator with 42 amps and two batteries with reserve capacity 320 minutes.

The gearbox is a change of power. It planetary gearbox, hydraulically actuated multi-disc clutches and brakes. The transmission has eight forward and four reverse speeds. It comes with an air-oil cooler and a single lever, which can be found on the main console.

Additional equipment
The skidder comes with axles S4 series, the guards at the bottom, a seat cushion with suspension and adjustment of the position, the motor side, windows, exhaust system with a rain deflector and a warning light generator. It also comes with a glass screen brush and a member of risers, a gas pedal, a heavy starter, a horn, the standard measuring devices, a log bumper integral hinge bolt at two positions , a key switch, start button Security, a silencer, a voltage regulator in the solid state, a sheet of paper with a roll of multi-position and an engine oil pressure warning light.

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